Steps for Surrogacy Programme

Steps for Surrogacy Programme

  • First a consultation of intended genetic parents (IGPs) with doctor.
  • Detailed examination and counseling.
  • Giving various options of surrogate and IGPs should select a surrogate of their choice.
  • Consultation with legal adviser.
    Surrogacy agreements are the first stage in a two step process .The purpose of the surrogacy agreement is to allow each party to state their intentions & their responsibilities to one another .The agreement will clearly state that the surrogate does not intend on parenting any resulting children & does not wish to have physical or legal custody of any children. The surrogacy agreement will also define the right & responsibilities of the assisted parents.
  • Synchronization of donor recipient cycle : One cycle before actual IVF procedure we bring the menstrual period as close as possible to both donor and recipient.he is put on oral contraceptive pills to prevent spontaneous pregnancy.
    The mother is down regulated

    • To match her menstrual cycles and endometrial development with that of female partner ( genetic mother ).
    • To achieve complete control of cycle and achieve optimum outcome.
    • Her endometrium is prepared to receive embryos, with estrogen hormone.

    When embryos of the couple are ready, they are transferred in the uterus of the surrogate mother.

    The mother is given medicines, which help implantation of embryos and their development. The medicines support pregnancy also if she conceives in that attempt. Blood of surrogate is checked for presence of pregnancy on day 13 and 15 after embryo transfer.

    If pregnancy test is positive, pregnancy support drugs are continued. Mother is regularly observed and treated for pregnancy care.

    If pregnancy is negative, the drugs are stopped. The surrogate gets her period.

    Same attempt is repeated. If the couple had their embryos frozen, the frozen embryos can be used. If there are no frozen embryos, the couple has to undergo a fresh IVF cycle.

    Our goal is to see your complete family through surrogacy. We shall be with you and guide you till your dream turns into reality.

  • We at Merryland Women’s Hospital are doing GESTATIONAL SURROGACY for couples who need it, after thorough evaluation of surrogate and genetic parents. It is done under a legal contract through lawyer.