Female Partner

Female Partner

Female Partner Examination
  • Clinical Examination
  • Sonography
  • research lab Investigation
  • Then we have a tendency to arrange Treatment Protocol

After an in-depth history & physical examination, few basic laboratory investigations & a sociological analysis is incredibly necessary to decide on the modality of treatment for the physiological condition because it affects the success rate of the treatment.

We, here at Merryland Women’s hospital, follow a basic protocol before commencing any treatment of the physiological condition. History taking may be regenerated into a council session that works to interrupt the ice between the couple & doctor. The initial timorousness & awkwardness to speak on the intimate issue is additionally lost. Trust & confidence develops that helps the couple to grasp & participate in the treatment.

Points to be highlighted in history square measure length of physiological condition, catamenial history, sexual practice frequency, past medical & surgical history, activity history & history of hypersensitivity reaction.

We begin the clinical examination of the feminine by measure her weight & height & then scheming her BMI. Our expertise has shown that girls World Health Organization have traditional BMI not solely respond well to the treatment of physiological condition however even have a much better outcome of physiological condition as compared to their corpulent or weedy counterparts.

After recording the burden, the woman ought to be escorted into a cushty examination space by trained nursing employees wherever elaborated general examination is finished. Verbal consent is obtained & procedure explained well. we’d like not stress that if male doctor ought to do the examination it’ll be in presence of feminine nursing employees. throughout the examination findings of connexion square measure development of secondary sexual characters, presence or absence of galactorrhoea, signs of steroid excess like hirsutism & thyroid enlargement. Sterile speculum examination is vital to rule out muscular contraction from different causes of dyspareunia. This examination can even reveal any abnormality or discharge from the cervix. two-handed examination offers a plan concerning the scale of the womb. Any abnormal finding in physical examination ought to be supported by laboratory evidence be treated before the treatment of physiological condition commences.


Trans vaginal sonography has turned into the most vital device in the armamentarium of the doctor to analyze and treat barrenness. TVS has a high affectability and specificity for follicular checking, expectation and compliance of ovulation.

While assessing the female genital framework by TVS, the analyst should examine each part in detail.

Cervix is assessed for the length of the cervix, nabothian pimple and cervical mucous.

Endometrial hole is filtered for endometrial thickness, endometrial example, endometrial polyps and nearness of any remote bodies or synechia.


Trans vaginal ultrasound examination of the collection of uterus is done to watch a nitty gritty perspective of the myometrium and to analyze any mullerian irregularities like septate uterus and bicornuate uterus , fibroid and adenomyosis.


Aside from the area, versatility and size of the ovary, appraisal of its volume and pre-antral follicles is additionally essential to anticipate the result of any richness treatment. Ovarian pathologies like practical pimples, PCO and endometriomas can be analyzed by TVS.

Fallopian tubes

Solid fallopian tubes are not pictured in a routine transvaginal filter (with the exception of if there is an enormous liquid accumulation in the pelvis). Henceforth analysis of sound tubes is a determination of rejection.


Barring the periovulatory period, any free liquid in pelvis ought to be attempted to analyzed and treated before initiation of any treatment.